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    Hi everyone - we feel the time is now right to open up the forum again to registrations of like-minded people and get discussions going again - there is just so much happening on the planet at the moment, it really is a great time to be incarnated here!

    20 Aug 2020

    Please note that this is a private, members only forum and, as such, most of it is hidden until you are accepted as a registered member. Before you register, if you are just a spammer, hacker, extreme leftist or troll - we don't want you. Do not waste our time because you will not get through our registration checks -- and then I'll just go ahead and block your IP Address range anyway - then your ISP, VPN or whole country if necessary.

    Why is this forum private? To quote from channeling's: "Just know that there are many sites featuring many channeled messages that are monitored by souls who get paid to do the dark's bidding. Our Divine messages come from across the Internet. There are very few spiritually oriented websites that do not go unnoticed by these dark divisions of what you would term the 'private industry' or Deep State, as there are countless numbers of souls who's job it is to find these sites and discredit them."

    So, what you see here as a guest, is the top layer only, and once you have joined you will find discussion forums on the following topics:

    - - Forum News & Status
    - - Newly Awakened? Start Here
    - - Speakers
    - - - - Aaron McCollum
    - - - - - - Your Q&A
    - - - - - - Discussion
    - - New Finances
    - - - - I-OPEEN
    - - - - I-UV
    - - - - OPPT
    - - Middle East
    - - Speakers Spot
    - - General Discussion
    - - Economy, Currency, Banking, Law & the Media
    - - Healing & Health
    - - Organics/Permaculture/Gardening
    - - Pharmaceutical/Medical News/Food Information
    - - Music
    - - Spirituality, Consciousness & Our Universe
    - - The Law of One Series
    - - Free Energy
    - - Extraterrestrial Channeling & UFO's
    - - Mass Arrests (Containment)
    - - Disclosure
    - - The Ancients
    - - Conspiracy Research
    - - Tangled Web's
    - - The Lighter Side
    - - Off Topic
    - - RSS Feeds
    - - - - David Icke
    - - - - David Wilcock
    - - - - New Scientist

    As we progress we will also be populating a Blog page.

    We have on our staff very experienced Moderators and Administrators that have dealt with forums just like this one in the past.

    Registered members can read for free; but to cover the cost of site hosting, which we cannot avoid, for those that wish to post we ask for a very modest subscription: $US1/month or a discounted $US10/year.

    As a registered user you will be able to read most areas of the forum. If you wish to contribute you will need to subscribe.

    See you on the other side!

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