There has been quite a storm in the media about the mysterious movement called ‘Q’. Who, or what is this notorious Q? Is it a bad psyop to deceive good people? Or is it a good operation to take down the bad guys? What is truth, and what is fiction?
A good way to know if something is good or bad, is to look at what the mainstream media says about it. Since they are entirely controlled by the wicked (= Cabal, Deep State, NWO, etc), who use it to manipulate the minds of mankind, we can know exactly who their enemies… and friends are. Here is the key: their friends will always be praised, protected, and positively presented. The enemies of the wicked however… will always be smeared, silenced, and suppressed by the mainstream media. This golden rule helps you discern who is who in the world of deception.

The mainstream media is the number one tool of the wicked to lie to humanity, control what we believe, and direct the course of our existence.

Near the end of 2020 the mainstream media exploded in an all-out witch-hunt against Q, discrediting them in every possible way. Most Q platforms were deleted, anyone talking about them got censored, and thousands of social media accounts of Q followers were cancelled. An example: yesterday I posted a short comment about Q on Facebook, and immediately I was blocked for three days.
That’s how scared they are of somebody saying something about Q…

So what is Q? It is an anonymous group of top level military intelligence patriots, who are exposing the widespread corruption in the U.S. government, Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and basically in every aspect of our society. This exposure is done on platforms like
Q’s main mission is to awaken the ignorant public to what is going on behind the scenes of the media theatre.

All mainstream media and government entities are given a strict narrative which they have to present to the public. That way the wicked can manipulate the minds of the masses. Their greatest fear is that the public would wake up from this deception, and start thinking for themselves. Therefore Q encourages people all over the world to do research, and spread the actual facts about what is going on. Q calls these investigators ‘citizen journalists’, ‘digital soldiers’ or ‘midnight riders’.

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