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Thread: Voting by Covid Vaccination Rates

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    Voting by Covid Vaccination Rates

    A recent poll says that 58% of Republicans would definitely not get the vaccine, but that only 18% of Democrats would not get it.

    If you take the results of the US 2020 election and incorporate the percentage of vaccinated people by State*; then make 58% the cutoff figure, a more accurate election result is displayed. It is interesting to note that:
    • A number of Democrat states turn Republican
    • No Republican states turn Democrat
    • All of the "flipped" states return to Republican
    • With the exception of New Hampshire, which is within the margin of error, all other battleground States turn Republican

    The data shows a clear correlation between vaccination rates and political party affiliation - States with high vaccination rates are Democrat and conversely States with low vaccination rates are Republican. States that showed close election results have a near 50% vaccination rate.

    In flipped and battleground States there are exceptions:

    1. The DC swamp where nearly 95% of votes went to Biden, but the vaccination rate is only 54%. This suggests that the rats in DC know not to take the poisonous vaccine, hence the low uptake rate.
    2. California where 65% of votes went to Biden, but the vaccination rate is only 52%. With 55 electoral college votes on the line, the Dems had to ensure California stayed theirs.

    The vaccine data suggests massive voter fraud in these battleground and flipped States. The Arizona audit supports this assertion.

    Mathematics and statistics don't lie - there was election fraud on a large scale and all States should be audited!



    * Vaccination data comes from the CDC website
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